Reward and Recognition

The success of gategroup depends on the performance and dedication of our people. We strive to attract, retain and motivate talented and performance-driven people around the globe which is considered critical for the delivery of long-term business results.

Rewards for people at gategroup aim to provide a balanced mix of financial and non-financial rewards that are externally competitive and internally fair, and are delivered through programs that are flexible and locally adaptable.

Performance-based Rewards
Our performance-based reward policy is designed to:
  • Align the objectives of our employees with the interests of our shareholders
  • Incentivize and recognize individuals to achieve balanced and sustainable growth for gategroup and its shareholders
  • Offer a diverse and performance-oriented culture, supporting the organization in embedding our values - Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Accountability - into our daily working lives and practices

Recognition Principles

Our people are our most important advantage over any other company. It’s important to thank team members and recognize individual contributions to our success. gategroup fosters a culture in which we treat our employees fairly, with dignity and respect, as well as recognizing and rewarding great performance.

The key principles of this are:
  • Recognize local culture and customs
  • Recognize work that is above and beyond the norm
  • Celebrate success throughout the business and to make sure our people understand how their role plays an important part
  • Be open, fair, consistent and transparent
  • Motivate our people to perform at their best

A key part of the recognition element is its link with our values. At every point, when recognizing our people, we recognize the work which demonstrates our values – this helps everyone see how we are truly living the values every day.